He is the sole survivor from an attack on his town Leif Obrestad by the largest Rakeet ever seen. With his memory gone he must piece together what happened to his town. Until then he needs to learn how to cope with his new life aboard the Camilla's Revenge.


                                          CAPTAIN AMBROSE 
He wanted to grow up to be a painter, but after his father passed away while out hunting Rakeet Ambrose became the captain of the  Camilla's Revenge. Still wanting to be a painter he found his creative outlet by giving Camilla a custom paint job.



This prankster stowed away on the  Camilla's Revenge and is now their lookout. She becomes Val’s best friend.

He is second-in-command on the Camilla's Revenge. He is tough but fair, and was a member of Ambrose’s father’s crew before he passed away.



This character couldn’t have been happier when Leif joined the crew. Tired of being at the bottom of the totem pole, Marcelous is happy with the thought of someone beneath him to pick on.

A big hulking nice natured man (unless provoked) doubles as a strong fighter and the ships cook.

PHILOMENA “PHIL”                             
This crotchety character is the ships engineer and gets in a foul mood whenever something breaks, and there is always something breaking on the Camilla's Revenge.