What if storm chasers could repel storms? Now replace those storm chasers with pirate like mercenaries piloting flying ships hired to protect those less fortunate to be caught on the ground, and have the storms actually created by large behemoth monsters that live inside them. Welcome to the fantasy adventure, Val the Red Beard.

The story follows a young boy who is the sole survivor from an attack on his town by one of the largest storm monsters, or Rakeet to date. When a group of storm chasers arrive too late to save his town from destruction they find the boy traumatized by the event to the point that he has no memory of his past or his name. The crew decides to call him Leif after his destroyed town Leif Obrestad. Captain Ambrose sees the boy’s predicament of having nowhere to go and allows him to stay on as a deckhand. The boy learns quickly that he needs to prove himself in order to be accepted by the rest of the crew.